The Award-winning Software for Your Construction Business

4PS Construct is the award-winning end-to-end solution for your construction business giving you real-time visibility and control on your project costs and margins. With 20 years of experience in the industry and over 600 ERP implementations, we optimise all of your primary business processes and empower businesses to deliver successful projects, be more profitable and efficient.

3 key reasons why 4PS Construct is unique

Here are 3 features of 4PS Construct that our solution is widely recognised in the industry for.

  • A single source of the truth

    4PS Construct includes CRM, estimating, finance, procurement, projects CIS, CVR, service and maintenance, plant and many more. Based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central,  everything is fully integrated in the end-to-end 4PS solution. See data flow across the system minimising errors and maximising efficiency. Benefit from real-time visibility on your projects and make informed decisions on the latest data.

  • Microsoft Inner Circle Member and Gold Partner

    4PS is not only a Gold Microsoft Partner but also an Inner Circle Member making 4PS  one of the top 1% of Microsoft Business Application partners worldwide. As an Inner Circle partner, we are the first to receive the latest technological updates from Microsoft.

  • Construction Software of the Year with 20 years of experience

    4PS was voted Construction Software of the Year 2019 by the industry experts at the London Construction Awards and Construction Management Software of the Year 2020 at Construction Computing Awards. Winning these awards is a valuable recognition for the work we do towards shaping a better future for the construction industry.

How does a complete solution empower your construction business?

Keeping complex construction projects on time and budget is key for successful project delivery but still incredibly challenging. We understand the everyday struggles in the industry. 4PS Construct provides a complete overview of your business and enables you to streamline your processes so you can be efficient and on top of your projects. Take a look at the 4PS Construct infographic

What makes 4PS Construct an award winning software?

We get asked this question a lot. It is a fair one with so many different tools available on the market. It all comes down to the unique all-in-one efficient business management solution that 4PS Construct offers to the industry. The solution was developed with construction in mind and with over 20 years of experience in the industry, we have incorporated all best practices for efficient work into an end-to-end system – 4PS Construct.

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Ready to see it for yourself?

Watch the webinar ‘Real-time visibility and control’ to see the data flow across the system and the benefits of the integrated end-to-end solution for construction.

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