What makes 4PS Construct an award winning software

We get asked this question a lot. It is a fair one with so many different tools available on the market. It all comes down to the unique all-in-one efficient business management solution that 4PS Construct offers to the industry. The solution was developed with construction in mind and with over 20 years of experience in the industry, we have incorporated all best practices for efficient work into an end-to-end system – 4PS Construct.


4PS has won the Construction Software of the Year Award 2019 at the London Construction Awards

Award winning software for construction


Having everything in one package rather than linking to a third-party software is quite unique for 4PS. The solution is built on the future-proof Microsoft Dynamics 365 Platform and has all the additional functionality tailored for the industry. It enables construction business leaders to have a real-time visibility and control on their organisations, successfully deliver projects and maximise margins.

Here are 5 reasons that make 4PS Construct stand out:

  • End-to-end ERP solution

4PS Construct includes CRM, estimating, finance, procurement, projects CIS, CVR, service and maintenance, plant and many more. We are not talking about integrations here. You would find all key functionality already available in the solution. Monitor fiscal performance, meet business and regulatory requirements and reduce the time and effort your people spend on project accounting tasks. 4PS offers all the finance functionality you need – CIS, CRM, ledgers, sales applications, subcontract applications, retentions, budgets, forecasts, fixed assets, payroll and VAT.

  • Software developed for construction

Everyone who has ever been involved in the construction industry understands the complexity of building and project delivery within fixed deadlines and budget. Yet, there are always unexpected circumstances that present further challenges in the planning and successful completion of a project. Often new schedule needs to be set up, resources reallocated and margins re-calculated. Profitability can be at risk and construction companies need to get quickly back on track and adjust to the new situation. This can be especially challenging if business leaders cannot rely on accurate and up-to-date information about their business processes and overview of their operations.

Would you like to see what 4PS Construct looks like and how you can benefit from a ‘single source of the truth’? Sign up for the webinar ‘Real-time visibility and control’ webinar to see the data flow across the system and the benefits of the integrated end-to-end solution for construction.

  • Flexible and future-proof

Together with Microsoft, we’ve built world-class software specifically designed for your industry and we offer the best possible support for your system, both during and post-implementation. Based on the future-proof Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform, 4PS Construct is flexible too and can seamlessly integrate to nearly all digital tools. For example, if one of your departments is really keen to keep the current estimating solution, an integration is easily available.

  • Microsoft Inner Circle – Digital excellence and focus on construction

4PS is honoured to have been awarded Microsoft Inner Circle Membership. This achievement places 4PS in the top 1% of business applications in the partner network globally and is a recognition for the high standards of digital excellence and expertise that 4PS brings to its customers and the construction industry in general. Becoming a member of the elite group in the Microsoft Inner Circle stands for not only exceptional level of expertise in digital platforms and solutions but also a strong focus on their practical application and demonstrated efficiency improvements on the customers side.

  • Integrated Home Buyer Management – HOOMCTRL

Through 4PS you can benefit from HOOMCTRL which is the complete buyer management tool for housebuilders developed by 4PS. Home Buyer Portal streamlines the house-buying process for both buyers and housebuilders, from registering interest in a new development and available plot through buyer options customisation. All aspects of the buyer guidance process come together online and are available to buyers, sales advisors, estate agents and subcontractors. Everything is linked together, which makes the work process easier, customers are served faster and all communication and documentation is conveniently stored in one place.

Take a look at how your construction business can become more efficient with 4PS Construct

Wondering what the latest technology can do for your construction business? Software tailored for construction can bring a lot of benefits for your business improving your control on project costs and margins. Take a look at how 4PS Construct can empower your business.

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