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4PS designs, builds, implements and maintains the best software available for the construction, civil engineering and installation industries. With over 320 software engineers and implementers with a deep knowledge of the sector, we deliver solutions that meet the needs of over 450 4PS customers in different sectors across the globe.


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Getting better every day

We want 4PS customers to have an edge over their competitors by using our solution. We focus on new developments that deliver better functionality and build on the technology of the industry leading Microsoft Dynamics platform. 4PS - constantly improving, consistently innovating.

4PS: all over the world

Together with our 5 international partners, we deliver 4PS Construct to users worldwide. We offer them all the support they need to grow and succeed.

Valerie Clarke - Operations Director

As General Manager I am responsible for overseeing the daily business operations and overall customer satisfaction, evaluating efficiency and performance, developing and implementing strategies for growth, employee recruitment and development and general business improvements.

Mike Smallwood - Business Unit Manager

At 4PS no day is the same. It's my job to help our customers implement the software and to make sure they get the right advice, quickly and efficiently. I love my job – every day presents a new challenge in a new company with its own unique issues to help solve!

Jane Chambers - Finance Director

As a Finance Director, I’m responsible for reviewing financial reports, monitoring accounts, and preparing activity reports and financial forecasts. I enjoy the analytical nature of my role.

Paul Kerr - Business Unit Manager

As a Business Unit Manager, I’m in daily contact with companies in the construction industry across the UK. Working with my sales team, my goal is to constantly improve project management visibility for customers using 4PS solutions. A challenging job with an enthusiastic team!

Bhaskar Jani - Development Manager

As Development Manager, it’s my job to efficiently organise the process of building new software. Together with my team, we create innovative software for our customers and nothing makes me happier than knowing our work makes their processes better, helping to make customers’ lives easier.

Arjan Rustenhoven - HR Manager

HRM has an important role to play in the development of 4PS and to delivering international growth. Every day I see the entrepreneurial spirit of 4PS employees and that gives me energy!

Our Commitment to ESG

We firmly believe that the foundation of our collective success rests on the contributions of each individual within our organisation. Our dedication to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles is more than a corporate mandate; it’s a reflection of our commitment to creating a workplace where employees are proud to work and motivated by the knowledge that their work contributes to broader societal and environmental goals. As we continue to advance our ESG initiatives, we invite our employees to join us in this journey, offering them a unique opportunity to be part of a company dedicated to driving long-term prosperity for all, including the communities and environments in which we operate.

Keep reading to learn more about our specific ESG commitments and initiatives and how they are creating a positive impact not just on the world around us but also within our organisation, making 4PS UK a rewarding place to work.

Our Commitment to ESG

4PS Construct

Based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform, 4PS supports all your core processes including CRM, estimating, dashboards, resource planning, plant, procurement, field service, graphical planning, mobile-enabled technology and more.

With each new release you automatically benefit from the latest technology and industry best practice. Thanks to many years of construction industry experience, 4PS has developed standard functionality to meet specific sector requirements. Take advantage of the single integrated solution ‘4PS Construct’ for all of your company processes.

Certified for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Our partnership with Microsoft is very important. Each of us brings our unique expertise to the relationship. Our ERP system is based on the reliable and future-proof platform Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central used by millions of people worldwide.
Together with Microsoft, we’ve built world-class software specifically designed for your industry: construction, civil engineering, housebuilders, mechanical and electrical, service and maintenance, plant management and equipment rental. Because of our integration with both the Dynamics 365 product set and Microsoft as an organisation, we can offer you the best possible support for your system, both during and post-implementation.