Are you ready to move to the cloud?

4PS Construct is an integrated software solution that optimises all of your primary business processes. Based on the latest technology Microsoft  Dynamics 365 Business Central, 4PS Construct is user- friendly, available in the cloud or on-premise, always up-to-date,  scalable and secure.

3 important reason why you should opt for the cloud

Here are 3 key reasons why many existing companies are making the move to the cloud and why you can't stay behind in 2020.

  • Access all your information in real time

    When you switch to the cloud, your data will be stored in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Microsoft guarantees an availability of 99.99%. So you always have access to your data.

  • More flexibility

    If you work in the cloud, all you need is a reliable Internet connection. 4PS Construct Business Central can be accessed via the web client: you will work via an internet browser. This means that you can log in via any computer, phone or tablet with internet access.

  • Optimal security

    The Microsoft Azure Cloud is fully protected against unwanted intruders. Microsoft meets the highest security requirements / ISO Certifications. Therefore, we can guarantee that working in the Azure Cloud gives you more security than any other server.

See what the complete solution in the cloud could mean to your business

Our ERP system, 4PS Construct, is an integrated end-to-end software solution that provides full real-time visibility and control on your projects. We have been developing our solution on NAV for 19 years. Since 2019 we have been offering our 4PS Construct on the latest Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform. This means that all Microsoft technologies have been integrated and that the software is accessible from anywhere, any time and on all devices. You will therefore always be using the most up-to-date software and you will automatically benefit from the latest developments. Would you like to know more about having all your key processes in the cloud on 4PS Construct? Take a look at this infographic

Is cloud right for you?

Wondering whether cloud software for construction would be right for your business? On the way to going digital, a lot of construction companies face the question of whether they would like to have the solution on premise or in the cloud. Here’s what you need to know about the cloud!

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What platform would be the best fit for your business?

Construction leaders choose to digitise their businesses to improve visibility on projects and ensure better control over costs and margins. Making an informed decision about what platform to pick is essential for achieving your goals.

  • 4PS Cloud: PaaS

    With this option 4PS Construct is available on the Microsoft Azure platform. The update schedule remains as flexible as it is for On Premise, but technical and possibly also application management will remain the
    responsibility of 4PS. As with On Premise and IaaS, customers can opt for a Business Central purchase or subscription licence.

  • On Premise or IaaS

    Customers are responsible for hardware and its availability. Whether hardware is purchased (On Premise) or rented (IaaS) makes no difference. The update schedule of the software is flexible, and customers are responsible for application management. In addition, customers can choose a Business Central purchase or subscription licence.

  • Microsoft Azure: SaaS

    In this case, technology partner Microsoft manages 4PS Construct on the Azure platform. The update schedule is determined by Microsoft and 4PS and is automated. As a result, the software is always up to date. 4PS is
    responsible for application management. In this SaaS version, customers only have the option of the Business Central subscription model.

Would you like to know more about 4PS Construct?

Based on the latest technology Microsoft  Dynamics 365 Business Central, 4PS Construct is user-friendly, cloud-based, always up-to-date, scalable and secure. The question is not whether but how companies would like to deploy it within their projects for optimised efficiency.

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