Customer Story BAM International

Implementing one ERP system in multiple countries, each with their own language, culture, time zone and working method.

BAM International

About BAM International

A research station in Antarctica, the remarkable Museum of the Future in Dubai, a new terminal on the Julius Nyerere airport in Nairobi, Tanzania, enormous wharfs for freight ships and shipyards in Australia, Jordan, Cameroon, Malaysia, Sierra Leone and Panama, among others. BAM International, an operating company of the Royal BAM Group, has projects all over the world.

One single ERP system

When Chief Information Officer James van de Merbel joined BAM International in 2013, the company was already aspiring to use one single ERP system internationally throughout the company. One system would provide real-time insight into the course of projects, would facilitate more efficient working methods and help forecast the course of projects. James gladly accepted the job of making sure the implementation of the system was as smooth as possible. Together with Business Information Analyst, Mike Durenkamp, he sunk his teeth into this giant task, because commissioning a new computer system is far from easy nowadays.

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