4PS is voted the best ERP supplier to work for by

Software partner 4PS has been voted the best employer with ERP systems and the best IT employer within the construction industry and installation, according to the Career Guide. The Computable Career Guide 2020 is an annual ranking of the most popular IT employers.

Computable Career Guide publishes the Computable Career Guide every year, containing the rankings of the most popular IT employers among both IT companies and non-IT organisations. The ranking is the result of an employer survey covering various categories and a number of sectors. Respondents outlined 29 IT areas key for employee wellbeing. Within each category there is a final ranking with the best specialists in each field. 4PS has been awarded the best employer amongst all ERP providers.

In addition to the categories, Computable Career guide looked into 25 industries and distinguished the best employer in each sector. 4PS has been awarded First place in the sector “Construction and installation”. With this recognition, 4PS been awarded the highest score twice – both as an ERP provider and an Employer in the Construction industry in the Computable Career guide.

Employer survey

Computable Career guide investigated how IT companies and non-IT organisations are doing as an employer in the technology sector. The employer survey was open to everyone who works in an IT position to assess his or her own employer on matters such as work and responsibilities, appreciation, the space and opportunities to perform, the challenges offered, training opportunities, growth and career opportunities, salary, travel distance and secondary employment conditions. Matters such as commitment to the employer and overall satisfaction were also discussed.

Working at 4PS

The title “Best employer in the field of ERP systems and best IT employer in the construction industry and installation” means that 4PS scores high on happiness at work, innovation and job satisfaction. Working at 4PS is working for an ambitious, growing organisation where there is plenty of room for (personal) development. Even though 4PS has grown into an organisation with more than 260 colleagues, the software company remains an employer committed to the individual. Among other things 4PS has recently introduced a vitality program which aims to increase employee satisfaction and happiness at work.

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