Customer Clarke Energy

About Clarke Energy

Clarke Energy begins trading in 1989 near Liverpool with a business model aiming to provide spare parts globally for marine, industrial, and locomotive diesel engines. Ever since, the business has continued expanding and reaching a global workforce of over 1,200 employees with office locations in the UK, Asia, the USA, Europe, and Africa.

Accurate end-to-end consistency of information by storing information in one place

As the ambitions for international growth became a reality, it also became clear for Clarke Energy that a new system will be necessary to accommodate their ongoing expansion. Prior to the company’s move from Microsoft Nav to 4PS, the system which was in use at that point of time was predominantly focused on Finance and was not designed to deal with aspects such as project management, costs and budgeting, and installation and maintenance control.

When asked why the business chose 4PS, the reason was down to a few key points. 4PS is a construction-focused ERP that aligns perfectly with the service and maintenance along with the level of integration required. Once enabled, the business uses the system to view every area of their operations giving them a higher level of transparency.

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