Customer Story Strukton

“Compared with earlier systems, 4PS is distinguished by being fully adapted for our operations. We have also put a lot of focus on configuring the key areas to suit us even better. We began with service and will continue by fine tuning project management.”


About Strukton

Strukton is a name with distinction. With a turnover of 1.9 billion euros and 6,500 employees distributed over five divisions, Strukton wants to contribute to the quality and safety of rail transport, road infrastructure, technical systems and buildings within Europe and beyond. In the Netherlands, three divisions operate in three markets: Strukton Rail focuses on (major) maintenance, renewal and new construction of rail infrastructure and electric train systems. Strukton International implements integrated rail and civil engineering infrastructure solutions at international level, particularly in densely populated areas, ports and port connections with their  hinterland. In doing so, it uses the capacity, experience and knowhow available at Strukton Rail and Strukton Civiel. Finally, as manager and investor, Strukton Integrale projecten operates in the field of public-private partnerships in the Netherlands and Europe.

Decision to choose 4PS was already made

Strukton: “Our previous ERP system had worked fine for a long time. But we gradually discovered that it was becoming less efficient. We noticed that it wasn’t supporting our primary processes sufficiently and that there was no prospect of improvement. And eventually, you have to do something. Based on our specific automation need, choosing 4PS Construct was fairly obvious. I’d been introduced to 4PS from a selection process in 2003 when one of Strukton’s former operating companies chose 4PS Construct. Even at the time, I thought it was a pioneering ERP system; it was open  and also based on the Microsoft platform. With this system, we were actually hitching a lift on the carrier of all new developments. The system we had was very closed. It was very hard to create links with satellite applications. At Strukton Rail, we’d already expressed our intention some time ago to look for one European backbone. A few years ago, when Strukton Rail Sweden switched to 4PS, it was expected that we’d do the same here.”

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