Build your own low-code apps with Microsoft Power Apps

Most construction, civil engineering and installation organisations have business processes that could be further improved or made more efficient. More often than not, an app would be useful, but developing a custom app is a big investment and takes a lot of time. With Microsoft Power Apps you can quickly build simple apps based on your company data, no programming knowledge required! 

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Microsoft Power Apps: build your own apps

Microsoft Power Apps comes with an extensive template library, connectors, ready-to-use AI components and building blocks to make designing your own apps more simple than it has ever been. No programming knowledge or experience is required. Like all other parts of the Microsoft Power Platform, Power Apps is a low-code/no-code application. Microsoft aims to empower every employee to be able to create simple apps and automate their work. For example, you can create an app for booking your work station in the office. 

3 key benefits of Microsoft Power Apps

Wondering what difference Power Apps can make to your business? Here are 3 key benefits:

  • Digitise business processes

    Use Microsoft Power Apps to transform traditional business processes into modern solutions for your business. Use data from, for example, the ERP system 4PS Construct to offer digital work orders via a Power App.  

  • Bring all data sources together

    Microsoft Power Apps is connected to your business data thanks to hundreds of available connectors and the Microsoft Common Data Service. Get work orders digitally signed via a Power App and they are immediately visible in your ERP. 

  • Easy to use

    Power Apps is intuitive, approachable and easy to use. Drag and drop elements and combine building blocks. Build your own app without writing a single line of code.   

Discover the Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft Power Apps is one of the applications of the Microsoft Power Platform. The Microsoft Power Platform consists of four low-code/no-code applications that help you digitise and automate your business processes. It is possible to combine data from different data sources into an insightful dashboard or to build an interactive chatbot to answer frequently asked questions from colleagues. Want to know more about Microsoft Power Apps? We are happy to help you!