Housebuilding Management Software

4PS Construct and Homectrl is the leading housebuilding project management software solutions in the industry. We know that the housebuilding sector has specific requirements alongside standard functionality for general construction and we cater for them. Manage your housebuilding process with ease keeping track and maintaining positive relationships with happy customers.

Why is housebuilding project management software necessary?

With over 20 years of experience in the construction industry globally, we understand that, certainly, efficient and effortless exchange of information between both parties involved in the house buying process could be a challenge. Housebuilding management software manages the entire lifecycle of a project and streamlines the process ensuring that both housebuilders and homebuyers are updated on the latest developments. Customers can change the design and see how that affects the price; it’s all done inside the portal. The benefit is the whole integration with the ERP software.

With 4PS and Homectrl all aspects of the buyer guidance process come together online and are available to buyers, sales advisors, estate agents and subcontractors. Everything is linked together, which makes the work process easier, customers are served faster and all communication and documentation is conveniently stored in one place.

Ready to see it for yourself?

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Certified for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Our partnership with Microsoft is very important. Each of us bringing our unique expertise to the relationship. Our ERP system is based on the reliable and future-proof platform Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central used by millions of people worldwide.

Together with Microsoft we’ve built world-class software specifically designed for your industry: construction, civil engineering, housebuilders, mechanical and electrical, service and maintenance, plant management and equipment rental. Because of our integration with both the Dynamics 365 product set and Microsoft as an organisation, we can offer you the best possible support for your system, both during and post-implementation.