The 4PS Journey

We are hereby inviting you to join us on the 4PS Journey! This journey kicks off with an intensive onboarding programme, to make sure your landing is as good as possible.

Why you should join us

Why 'boarding' is so important

Welcome aboard! From now on you are part of the 4PS family. Together we make sure that every family member feels welcome from the start. To provide you an as comfortable as possible journey, we firstly invite you to come 'on board'.


Signing the contract and your first working day will not likely take place on the same day. In the time between we make sure we can keep your attention and your enthousiasm, by sending you a little present and inviting your for one of our Beer o'clocks. In this way you can allready get to know the organisation and your colleagues.

First day

The first day is always exciting! Fortunately you receive the schedule for the first day per e-mail, so that you can read what you can expect. The day itself consists of introductions of the processes and meeting the teams.

Personal Mentor

Practice makes perfect! With the help of a personal mentor and therefore more 1 on 1 training, it is possible to learn a lot in a short amount of time. Your mentor is already aware of your job specifics, the best practices and common made misstakes within the industry and the organisation, so that the framework is already there.

Training on the job

We believe that there is nothing better than learning on the job. You will often do this together with your personal mentor or other direct colleagues. In this way you will learn all the processes and procedures of your role as good and as fast as possible.


Every individual has their own way and speed of learning, which is why we offer many of our trainings also via E-learning, webinar, instruction video or online course. In this way you decide for yourself how fast you proces the study material.

4PS Academy

Your personal development is a continious proces. With our Academy it is possible to further develop certain skills, so that you can create your own growth path.

How does your (on)boardingpass look like?

Onboarding at 4PS focuses on 3 areas;

  • Organizational onboarding; how we work at 4PS and how we treat each other. We therefore begin with a small tour around the office to meet some of the colleagues and an introduction about the mission and vision about the organization.
  • Technical onboarding; which tools we believe are necessary for you to succesfully execute job specific activities. New colleagues often receive this information via E-learning or training-on-the-job from their mentor.
  • Social onboarding; in the best sense of the word this focuses on how a new colleague becomes part of the 4PS family. Sports activities via our vitality programme 4PS Life and Beer O’clocks are good examples of it.

Looking for a new opportunity?

Looking for an inspiring work environment and a challenging job? Maybe we can soon welcome you on board! Fill in your details below and get in direct contact with us.

Questions? Rosa can help you!

Rosa Bannink

HR Business Partner & Lead Recruiter 4PS Group

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