The 4PS Journey

We have invited you to join us on the 4PS Journey. Traveling gives you the opportunity to broaden your horizon and discover new things. Are you ready for new discoveries?

Why you should join us

Constantly on the move

Something that is good, can always be better. This doesn't imply that we are never satisfied. It actually means the opposite; results that have been achieved are celebrated, efforts are noticed, appreciated and rewarded.

  • Learning & Development

    Day in, day out we work on gathering, securing and sharing knowledge of our processes and our products. As we believe practical experience is key in our line of work, we make sure our trainings are well fitted to the modern way of learning.

  • 4PS Academy

    Beside a number of e-Learnings the 4PS Academy also contains several classical trainings. Throughout the years it became a fact that our colleagues were able to learn in a faster pace if we offered practical experiences from an early start.

  • 'Master-Apprentice'-Principle

    You will be surrounded by experienced colleagues and a personal mentor, who all contribute to teach you all the tricks of the trade.

Looking for a new opportunity?

Looking for an inspiring work environment and a challenging job? Maybe we can offer you an amazing option with us! Fill in your details below and get in direct contact with us.

From passenger to pilot!

There is no growth possible without development; for this reason you will never be done learning at 4PS. You chose the route, because you are holding the control wheel.

  • The right instruments

    4PS offers you many instruments to stimulate your personal development, because a lifelong learning is not something you do by yourself. There are multiple ways to follow an external training or even an educational program, you can enrol for so-called soft-skill trainings and we are a huge fan of coaching on-the-job.

  • The control wheel in your hands

    We appreciate you keeping a critical eye on your personal performance. The best way to do this is by looking in the mirror, allow others to do this as well and from a positive attitude focus on improvement.

  • Thrilling initiatives

    Developing is fun, but can be exciting and intensive. We are working hard to make your development as fun and accessible as possible, so that you decide for yourself where and how you invest in your growth.

Questions? Roxann can help you!

Roxann Bloemendal

Talent Manager 4PS Group

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