5 Challenges UK housebuilding should be getting ready for

Over the last decade, the property development sector has been achieving steady returns and stable margins, generally higher than the average for the construction industry. Meanwhile, multiple lockdowns have also driven up the already high homeownership demand in the country.
But could it be possible that house types and areas that were appealing pre-pandemic may be less so now? Read on and take a look at the lasting impact the pandemic has on the housebuilding sector.

Rethinking UK housebuilding

The effects of the housing crisis are tangible and the sector is falling short of the number of built houses needed to solve the supply-side of the challenge. Can housebuilding achieve the target of 300,000 homes built per year by the mid-2020s?

It is possible, but some immediate changes need to be made. Download this whitepaper and see the biggest challenges for housebuilders in this post-COVID-19 reality and what steps businesses can take to overcome them.

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