Digitise your service and maintenance process in construction in 10 steps

Supply chain collaboration with Service Contracts and/or Maintenance Contracts is complex. Information is constantly shared between all parties involved. A number of supply chain partners communicate with each other. Exchange of information takes place within your organisation, with your Clients, their customers, subcontractors, materials and plant suppliers and other supply chain partners. This poses challenges along the way.

Transparent and manageable communication

For effective cooperation within the supply chain, it is important that you are able to exchange real-time information with your partners at all times, preferably digitally or electronically. However, this is only possible when you have both yours and their systems set up correctly and they can connect with each other. Therefore, it is worth thinking about introducing a software solution in which all phases of the service and maintenance process are integrated in one process flow.

But where do you start? Which service and maintenance processes can you digitise and which tools are beneficial for your business?
In this whitepaper we take you through various tips & advice on digitising the process and talk about what digital solutions are suitable for you.

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