4PS UK now provides integrated payments in partnership with Payapps

We are excited to be offering seamless integration between 4PS Construct and Payapps for streamlined subcontractor management.

We are thrilled to announce that 4PS Construct and Payapps are now integrated. Thus, 4PS Construct now includes management of the entire subcontractor assessment and payment process. Combining the award-winning 4PS Construct solution with Payapps’ cloud collaboration platform gives you seamless end-to-end subcontractor payment management.

Strategic partnership

Our partnership with Payapps and this is yet another milestone in providing efficiency for the construction industry. Payapps is the go-to option for many construction businesses looking to streamline subcontractor management, automate their payments and simplify their transaction processes. It is very exciting that we can now offer the seamless integration with Payapps so that payments can be made without leaving your 4PS Construct solution.

About Payapps

Payapps is a market leading cloud-based software platform for managing application for payment. With so many ways to streamline, simplify, automate and integrate your subcontractor management processes, you’ll wonder why you hung onto the age-old way of doing things for so long.  Our platform manages the payment application, assessment, certification, compliance and remittance process through secure cloud collaboration with your project teams.

We warmly welcome Payapps as a new partner and look forward to a long and successful partnership.

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