4PS Construct and Payapps are now integrated

4PS Construct now includes management of the entire subcontractor assessment and payment process.
Combining the award-winning 4PS Construct solution with Payapps’ cloud collaboration platform gives you seamless end-to-end subcontractor payment management.

3 reasons why you need one solution for all your processes

Here are 3 key reasons Payapps and 4PS Construct integration is important to construction businesses.

  • Less risk, more control

    Ensure Construction Act compliance by both contractors and subcontractors. With assessment deadline reminders, visibility of variations and a full audit trail, Payapps has you covered. The risk of disruption to projects and the supply chain is minimised by our collaborative and easy to use solution.

  • Streamlined workflows

    4PS Construct solution provides a complete overview of business processes and enables you to streamline your processes. Payapps complements 4PS Construct with a central platform to automate and manage applications for payment and payment notices, saving time and reducing errors. Supply chain collaboration and cash flow are improved.

  • Your industry - our apps

    Both 4PS Construct and Payapps were created specifically for construction. We understand the obstacles that come with managing complex construction projects, collaborating across the supply chain and know the legislation and required compliance specific to your industry.

Automate the subcontractor application for payment process

Managing subcontractors’ applications for payment has traditionally been a heavily manual process, usually involving spreadsheets, paper, ad-hoc processes and significant human effort. This happens each and every month.

Coordinating this process efficiently and seamlessly is paramount to projects’ success. With the full integration between 4PS Construct and Payapps, you can manage the whole project process through one system covering the whole application, assessment and payment process through cloud collaboration between your project team and subcontractors.

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Get your projects under control with 4PS Construct

4PS Construct is a fully integrated ERP solution that gives a real-time view at every stage of a project. Monitor margins, forecast outcomes, control resources and plan effectively – take control of everything that affects project profitability. With digital document flows and powerful standard dashboards from PowerBI, you gain greater insight into projects, allowing you to intervene early to ensure project profitability. With 4PS, you will not only benefit from a simple all-in-one solution for your business processes, but also the from professionalism of Microsoft and the ability to have access to your data at any moment of the day.

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