The 4PS Journey

We are hereby inviting you to join us on the 4PS Journey! This journey started back in 2000, would you like to take a look?

Why you should join us

The year was 2000 ...

... when 3 colleagues came to the idea to use their knowledge and experience from the industrie to build fully integrated ERP-software for companies in the construction industry. They started 'For (4) Project Solutions' from their attic in Veenendaal (The Netherlands).

Next, in 2001 ...

... our first customer went live with our software implementation! In Eindhoven, in the south of the Netherlands, the company Van Straten gave the founders the trust to develop and implement the software. It was a big success!

Moving to 2002 ...

... which was the year Microsoft took over Navision. Navision was used to set up the initial version of 4PS Construct. Because of this acquisition, we could further develop our software and join Microsoft in its software developments. This was also the moment that 4PS received the Goldpartner status.

We crossed borders in 2003 ...

... when we signed the first international contract in the United Kingdom. This was the moment that it became clear that international customers have different demands in software.

In the years 2007 and 2008 ...

... 4PS went through a massive international growth. Not only the amount of international users and customers increased, the number of partners also grew. Thanks to these partners we are able to deliver the 4PS Construct software in countries like Sweden. At the same time we moved the our current office in Ede (The Netherlands).

2012 was the year we started ...

... the first 4PS traineeship. We offered a complete study plan to young professionals, fresh out of university. This initiated a growth in the number of employees, as we also needed more senior professionals to mentor them.

In 2016 ...

... we won the title of 'Microsoft ISV of the year'. Over 500 companies of over 100 countries were nominated. Reasons for this recognition were that we are a partner that is predictable and that we have the ability to relieve customers with the latest Microsoft Technology.

In 2017 we went through ...

... further international growth. Metaphorix, till that point one of our most important partners, with an office at the Birmingham Business Park, became part of the 4PS family. In this year we founded the 4PS Group.

On to 2019 ...

... when we launched the SaaS platform for the first time. Besides that, we set up the Business Units in the Netherlands (Construction, Utilities and Infrastructure), to make sure we could offer specific support to the different sectors.

And now, in 2020 ...

... the 4PS family has grown even more, with the addition of 4PS Belgium (with offices in Gent and Hasselt) and the (in-house) addition of Be-Sync. This ensured that the total number of employees grew to over 270!

What does working with 4PS mean?

  • Competitive salary;
  • Proper laptop and phone;
  • Up to 25 days holiday;
  • Travel expenses or car allowance (depending on position);
  • Flexible work hours and the opportunity to work from home.

As well as ...

  • Opportunities to follow courses and/or trainings om trainingen en cursussen te volgen (external as well as through our 4PS  Academy)
  • Our own programme to support en improve employee vitality; 4PS Life!
  • 4PS Fun;
    • Open and no-nonsense family culture
    • Beer o’clock
    • Personal touch

Looking for a new opportunity?

Looking for an inspiring work environment and challenging job? Perhaps we can offer you a beautiful option! Fill in your details below and get in direct contact with us.

Questions? Rosa can help you!

Rosa Bannink

HR Business Partner & Lead Recruiter 4PS Group

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