A healthy 4PS Journey

We have invited you to join us on the 4PS Journey. Naturally we want you to feel good during the journey. Our wellness- and vitality program 4PS Life plays a big part in this.

Why you should join us

An active journey with 4PS!

To be able to follow your heart and taking the lead, it is necessary to do this with a healthy lifestyle, so that you can continue doing this for a long time. At 4PS we have shaped this into our vitality program 4PS Life.

With this program we proof that our colleagues are very important to us, especially when it comes down to health, happiness and energy!

Why do we offer a comfortable journey?

Many might know that traveling for a longer time can be uncomfortable. The same thing can happen with your career. Your daily choices are playing a big part in this. Awareness of a healthy lifestyle is therefore the focus of the 4PS Life program.

We are not solely focussing on the physical health, the mental health of our colleagues is also crucial. Besides that we offer social activities on a frequent base, to keep the work atmosphere as optimal as possible. This, in combination with a healthy lifestyle, offers a good base to experience a satisfaying and energetic life, in work as well as during private times.

Where do we want to go?

At this moment the 4PS Life program is already successful in the Dutch and the UK office. 4PS Life is also a perfect platform for competitive activities or participation to charity events. Last July this resulted in a donation of over £ 1500 for the British Red Cross.

Besides attending more of these events, 4PS Life also has some future plans;

  • Start with 4PS Life Belgium
  • Add ‘on-the-road’ trainings (to follow remotely)
  • All employees have the possibility to join activities
  • More events regarding healthy nutrition

Looking for a new opportunity?

Looking for an inspiring work environment and a challenging job? Maybe you can join us in this amazing journey! Fill in your details below and get in direct contact with us.

Questions? Rosa can help you!

Rosa Bannink

HR Business Partner & Lead Recruiter 4PS Group

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