Webinar: How to achieve smarter collaboration in construction

Tuesday, October 4 | 10:00 am

Are you still working with old software? Is the integration between the different systems in your company far from complete? Then now is the time to take the step towards more efficient and smarter collaboration. During this webinar, our experts will tell you more about innovative software that supports all business processes. They will introduce you to handy tools, apps and portals specifically for companies in the construction industry. Will you be there too?

Take the step towards a future-proof ERP solution

Many companies in construction run into the same software obstacles: outdated software systems, major updates that require a lot from your IT department, maintaining customisation and hardware, no integration between systems and all kinds of separate apps and portals for field service. As a result, companies don’t have a central location that gives them real-time insight into all business processes. The risk of this is that you sometimes notice problems too late.

Do you want to make the step to modern software but don’t know what to look for? Sign up for our webinar and our specialists will be happy to tell you about the benefits of industry-specific software in the cloud, built on the future-proof Microsoft platform.

Target group: Construction

Location: Online

Cost: No

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After this webinar you know:

  • What the possibilities are for working with digital tools integrated into your ERP system;
  • What the benefits are of working in the cloud;
  • Why choose an ERP system built on the Microsoft platform;
  • The importance of an industry-specific software solution;
  • What do the integration possibilities with various apps and portals look like in practice.

Interested? Sign up for the webinar here.

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Curious how ERP software can help you work together smarter in construction? Then sign up now for the webinar.

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