4PS is one of the 100 most financially stable IT organisations in 2020

Software partner 4PS ranks 49th in the Computable 100 Financial! The Computable 100 financial survey lists the most financially stable ICT organisations of 2020. 

Computable 100 Financial Research 

The Computable 100 financial is a list published by The research was conducted by MBCF. MBCF only works with reported Dutch financial data from ICT companies over a period of three years. The financial score takes into account turnover growth, EBITDA margin, solvency and turnover per employee.  

Innovative business software 

At 4PS we develop, implement and maintain innovative business software specifically tailored  to meet the needs of the contruction industry. With more than 240 professionals, we work daily on applications that are distinctive for our 450 customers around the world. Earlier this year, according to the Career Guide, we were already named the best ERP and IT employer in the construction industry. We are very proud that we have secured our ranking on this competitive list. 

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