Jyrki Martikainen Joins 4PS UK as Commercial Director

4PS UK is delighted to announce significant leadership changes and strategic alignments as part of our dynamic growth plans. We are entering an exciting new phase as part of Hilti Group, and we are committed to achieving our ambitious goals and strengthening our market position. 

We are delighted to welcome Jyrki Martikainen as our new Commercial Director in the UK, starting from 1st January 2024 

Jyrki brings a wealth of experience to the role, having spent the last 17 years at Hilti. This has ingrained in him a deep understanding of the construction industry, fuelled by a passion for driving innovation through digital solutions. His most recent position was Managing Director at Hilti Finland; however, his career trajectory includes other noteworthy leadership roles, such as the Director of Sales in London for Hilti GB and the Marketing Director at Hilti Finland. These positions, along with various sales and sales management roles in England and Finland, have equipped Jyrki with a diverse commercial background and director-level expertise. This experience makes him exceptionally well-versed in construction, digital transformation, and business excellence.   

Outside of his professional life, Jyrki is married with two young children and will relocate to Birmingham in the next few weeks. In his leisure time, Jyrki is an avid skier, enjoying both cross-country and downhill skiing in the winter and is an enthusiastic golfer in the summer months!  

Jyrki Martikainen: “I’m very excited to join 4PS. From the first meetings, I have been impressed with the competence, knowledge and experience of everyone at 4PS. Once this is combined with world-class software dedicated to construction, there is so much we can achieve together. The construction industry stands at a pivotal point where integrating digital solutions is not just an option but necessary to achieve efficiency, sustainability, and growth.” 

Jyrki’s expertise will be invaluable in steering 4PS UK’s commercial strategies and fostering growth over the coming years. 

Ian Cowan Transitions to Senior Strategic Advisor

Jyrki’s appointment coincides with Ian Cowan’s transition from his role as Managing Director. Ian will assume a part-time position as Senior Strategic Advisor and Consultant, ensuring a smooth transition and continuing to offer his invaluable insights and expertise to 4PS UK. This change will maintain continuity and leverage Ian’s deep understanding of the company during this period of transition.

The strategic restructuring of our organisation involves a closer integration of the UK board with the 4PS Group. As part of this important alignment, Jyrki Martikainen will join the team and collaborate closely with Jane Chambers and Val Clarke, who has recently been promoted from General Manager to Operations Director of 4PS UK.  

Additionally, representatives from the Group Board, including Paula Middelkoop, Luurt van der Ploeg, and Johan Bakker, will play key roles in this new formation. This move aims to enhance synergy and foster a unified approach towards our organisational goals. 

Johan Bakker: “On behalf of everyone at 4PS, we would like to thank Ian for his remarkable contributions to the growth of 4PS. His leadership and vision have been pivotal in our success; we’re delighted to continue collaborating in this new role. We also wish Jane, Val, and the UK management team the best as they collaborate with Jyrki in this new chapter!” 


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