Construction Playbook - Guidance for construction businesses

Construction Playbook is the official government guidance for the construction industry listing areas for collaboration to ensure that future goals for UK construction are well-defined and within reach.

Coming out stronger

2020 was a year like no other. With going in and out of lockdowns, many businesses are being shaken by the challenges of today and uncertainty of tomorrow. Some will argue that being a global pandemic was not the right time for the government to be issuing its guidelines for the construction industry. However, over the last year, difficult circumstances have brought the construction industry together as never before. The disruption that COVID-19 brought to the construction industry certainly gave us all the opportunity to reflect, to re-evaluate and come up with a set of priority actions to re-build stronger future for the industry.

Now more important than ever

In a time of crisis construction companies need more than ever accurate and up-to-date reports to lean back on and make informed decision for the future of their operations. It is the key to carefully control costs, review predicted margins, and forecast short-, mid- and long term financial repercussions due to the COVID-19. These are important in everyday operation but even more so in times of uncertainty when stopping operations means violating contractual obligations and potentially penalties for project delays. Business leaders need to be able to trust and rely on a single source of truth that involves input from all departments across the business. Only through powerful insights into the business data, finances and efficiency, construction companies can brave yet another storm.

Embracing the future

With over £37billion of public works contracts across economic and social infrastructures planned for the next year, the construction industry is undoubtedly the backbone of the UK economy. On 8th December 2020 the Government issued Construction Playbook that sets out the principles and priorities on which both the government and the industry will collaborate on.

Build UK, which 4PS UK is a member of, is leading the way in the construction industry and has provided an executive summary of the Construction Playbook. You can find the abbreviated version with everything you need to know here

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