4PS Triumphs with Best for Mental Health Award at the 2024 Top Employer Awards

4PS UK has won the Best for Mental Health Award at the 2024 Top Employer Awards. This award underscores our commitment to mental health excellence and our leadership in promoting a supportive work environment.

4PS is thrilled to announce our latest award, the Best for Mental Health Award, at the WM People 2024 Top Employer Awards. This honour is a testament to our unwavering commitment to creating a supportive and inclusive workplace environment that prioritises the mental well-being of our employees.

The 2024 Top Employer Awards, celebrated for championing diversity and inclusion, flexible working, career progression for women, mental health, and family support, held its 14th annual ceremony at London’s Soho Hotel on 6th February. The event featured an engaging keynote speech from the Jenny Garrett OBE, who focused on critical issues such as race and equity in the workplace. Following the awards, there was an insightful Q & A session with the judges on best practice trends and challenges in today’s working environment.

Our recognition at this year’s awards was made possible through the generous sponsorship of last year’s winner, Vistry Group, highlighting the importance of mental health in the workplace. At 4PS, we have taken significant strides to address the work-based causes of mental health issues. Our approach includes tailored work plans to manage workload, regular managerial check-ins, trained mental health first aiders and mental health workshops accessible to all employees. These initiatives are fully supported by our senior leadership team and complemented by activities aimed at boosting well-being, such as our allotment project, in-office massages and bring and share lunches.

Val Clarke, Operations Director at 4PS UK, said, “We’re thrilled to have won the Best for Mental Health Award. It really shows how much we focus on the overall well-being of our team and how important a supportive workplace is to us. At 4PS, we’re dedicated to making sure it’s a great place to work, where we take mental health seriously and talk about it openly. This award motivates us to keep aiming higher, both in creating innovative technology and in supporting our employees’ well-being.”

The Top Employer Awards serve as a beacon for companies striving for excellence in various aspects of employment, including mental health. We are truly honoured to be among this year’s winners, and we are motivated to continue our work in setting the standard for mental health support within the construction industry and beyond.

Congratulations to all the companies shortlisted for the 2024 Top Employer Awards. We are excited about the future and remain dedicated to advancing the well-being of our employees and the construction industry as a whole.


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