4PS On-site App is bringing the construction site and the office together

Many construction businesses still use paper on site which makes it difficult for site managers to effectively manage and monitor progress on their projects. The 4PS On-site App is designed to support those processes that mainly take place on the construction site or as a part of a specific project.

Digitising the construction site with 4PS Construct

It is essential for field engineers and site managers to have easy access to all necessary project documentations, checklists and floor plans on site. What is more, due to seamless integration all data is immediately visible in the ERP system 4PS Construct. This means that construction business leaders always have access to all the information they need – as well as an overview of all their projects – wherever they are.

One tool with multiple applications

The 4PS App is a feature-rich tool and can be used for quality control upon delivery, Health & Safety, checks and inspections. The app is a bespoke Forms designer that allows construction site managers to design structured questions in a process and define answers required, e.g., mandatory, free form text, date, yes/no, a measurement, etc. It also supports photos and signatures if required. The Checklists and Forms can be created in the 4PS back office system or on the app giving control where it’s needed, e.g., in H&S. All checklists are sync’d between the App and your Projects so everyone, on-site or in the office have visibility on up-to-date real-time information.

On-site App


Seamless integration

The 4PS On-site App is fully integrated with the end-to-end ERP system 4PS Construct. Data entered in the app is immediately visible in 4PS Construct. It brings together construction and administrative tasks in a single process so that construction business leaders have complete overview and control on your projects and projected margins.

Would you like to know more about the 4PS On-site App? Download the brochure.

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