Cloud vs On-Premise: Which fits your business best?

In this whitepaper we list pros and cons for working in the cloud and on-premise so that it is easier for you to pick the best option for your business. Would you like to know what each of these would mean to you?

Pros and Cons for Cloud and On-Premise

You probably hear more and more about working in the cloud. Especially now that working from home has really taken off due to COVID-19. But what does it mean to work in the cloud? What benefits does it provide? Is it safe? In this whitepaper we explain the difference between the cloud and on-premise and zoom in on the various cloud platforms that 4PS offers.

Curious if working in the cloud is the best move for your business? Download the whitepaper ‘Cloud vs on-premise’ and find out the most important differences.

Download whitepaper
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