4PS celebrates 20 years: A trip down memory lane with André, Martin and Wim

We are celebrating the 20th anniversary of 4PS. Much has changed in the past 20 years. Together with owners André Overeem, Martin Westerink and Wim Jansen, we look back on the past 20 years and take a trip down memory lane together. 

Being late is not an option

Martin still remembers that day as if it was yesterday. 4PS had only just been set up when he and André were on their way to visit their second potential customer. They didn’t get very far though, because of a truck drivers’ strike just around the corner from the office. Of course, arriving late was not an option so they called the office. Without hesitation, an employee jumped in his car, drove to the congested road, parked and swapped cars with Martin and André.  Thanks to the quick reaction of that employee, they could use an alternative route and get to their appointment on time.  

This is one of the many stories from the early days of 4PS and it’s almost unbelievable that this happened 20 years ago. A lot has changed in those 20 years, but a lot has also stayed the same. This interview with André Overeem, Martin Westerink and Wim Jansen is about doing what you love, about trust, partnerships and about gratitude. 

A trip down memory lane

Read the interview about André Overeem, Martin Westerink and Wim Jansen. They talk about doing what you love, trust, partnerships and gratitude.


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